Welcome to Diving Kota Kinabalu!

Hello and welcome to the home of a friendly and passionate dive centre, Navi Borneo Divers. We make diving fun and safe. Come dive with us, meet new friends, and get to know the local marine life and environment around Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Usukan Bay and Mengalum Island.

Learn to Scuba Dive

If you are new to diving and would like to explore a new underwater world and learn what the other 70% of this earth is about, welcome to our diving school! We offer various scuba diving courses led by our own experienced Instructors as your first step towards exploring the sea life and corals.

Find out more about learning to Scuba Dive.

Not Sure if Scuba Diving Is for You?

Not sure if scuba diving is for you? We understand that although scuba diving is an activity enjoyed by many, it may not be right for you. If you are still trying to make up your mind about scuba diving and don’t really want to commit to a certification process before certifying, let us take you on a 1 day Try Scuba program.

Find out more about the 1 day Try Scuba program.

Let’s Go Diving!

We have a number of diving locations just within easy reach from Kota Kinabalu city such as Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Usukan Bay and Mengalum Island.

Explore the marine life around Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Bluewaters Dive Club

If you live in and around Kota Kinabalu, come and be part of our dive club. It doesn’t cost you anything to be part of the club.

We occasionally organize dive trips to various well known locations including Sipadan, Mataking, Layang-Layang, Lankayan and also to lesser known but just as interesting locations such as Usukan Bay, Usukan Wrecks, Mantanani, Mengalum and others.

By being part of our club, you will be notified of dive trips we have planned.

As a dive club, we often get club discounts that we pass on to you.

Come be part of our dive club and get notified of any planned dive trips.